Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye 2010!!...

Dec 30th 
Can you believe that 2010 is OVER?!? So many people try their best to express how the passage time makes them feel, but I feel as though no one has been able to truly portray how it hits you at that moment when you realize how much has happened in the last 364 days and how well you remember it ALL. Thats when you really understand the much-to-bland expression that states “time is flying!” Since the last time I wrote on my blog, it seems like a lifetime of events and emotions have taken place. Instead of taking days upon days to write it all down Im just gonna write down the highlights that instantly come to mind as I sit here. The rest of November passed without much to speak of as far as out of the ordinary (whatever that is anymore). Went through some days where I really missed my family and just really needed to hear that I was loved. They certainly rose to challenge well :). Ady Day also fell in late November, and so in our school was a full day without classes that was just full of competitions varying from singing and dancing to physics and maths. Beginning of December marked the Advent countdown and my Rotary Inbound Trip to Vienna! It was an amazing weekend and a GREAT time with all of the exchangers! I soooo loved seeing them all again and we had a lot to catch up on! The weekend went really fast and involved a LOT of interesting events that wont soon be forgotten. :P The following weeks at school before the break involved dispersed drama exams for the “D” students and that was a chance for Maddie and I to get out of class and watch some interesting performances. We worked hard on her movie to get it filmed and spent a lot of time in the library just chatting during class. Maddie also spent the week with me in mid December because her host family was gone on a ski trip. We had a lot of laughs that week and it was fun for me to have her here. Since then, Christmas crept up on me worse than ever before and before I had a chance to digest the thought of spending it alone it was here! It was a good thing though, I didn’t have a chance to get homesick over it. I spent Christmas with my host family and their relatives in a town not far from Budapest and it was very interesting for me to get to know them and their Hungarian Christmas traditions. Very different from my own back in Canada. I was also able to speak with my entire family on Christmas and it was so good to talk to them all again and see how they were doing and what was happening Christmas Day for them. :) So that brings me to now. One day before the final day in the year of 2010. Leaving me with me another clique, whatever happened to this year?! It leaves me feeling bitter sweet. There is excitement for what is to come in the year 2011. Both unplanned and the anticipation of the unknown, but also the sadness that comes with all the memories (good and bad) that will forever be history as I wave goodbye to them and the year in which so many things happened to me. I think back to the beginning of this year, and I find myself feeling as though that was a lifetime ago and I was different person. I know this is true. This year has been the biggest year of my life for so many reasons. One, because at my age, it is inevitable that as you seek to find yourself in this world full of insecurities and confusion, that you are bond to learn some very valuable and sometimes extremely difficult life lessons. Two, because this has been the last year that I will be able to call myself a “kid”, to me, there is something tragic about that that I still have not accepted. And lastly, but most importantly, because I finished off the last quarter of the year having taken the biggest step into something unknown that I think I possibly could have. It has been nothing but rewarding in the end though. Looking back at the person I was, and the person I am now, I simply cant wait to see who I will be once this is all over. I realize now that life is so much bigger and there is so much more out there for us than most people let themselves believe. I’ll never again be the small-town-girl destined to stay. There is no looking back for me. So here I am, preparing  to step into this year of 2011, and finding myself wondering where this sort of year could take me. HERE I COME!!!