Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb...just a little update

Ok...so here I am writing on my blog on what has obviously been the longest time yet that I have neglected it. Oh dear... I think from now on I should just stop saying that “I hope I will write again sooner this time”, or “I hoping to keep everyone updated a bit better from now on.” Lets face it, its not gonna happen, and it probably doesn’t matter anyways. The only thing that matters is that I am documenting my exchange. I have NEVER had a problem with taking pictures, and I am also very proud of myself for keeping a journal for almost 6 months running! I have written in that thing almost every day on exchange, and I am so happy that I decided to do it. Not only am I going to love looking back through it in years to come, but it helps me get my emotions, feelings, and memories down on paper and somehow makes how Im feeling seem more...official. Its really been great. So along with journalling and photos I’ve also recently started putting together a little memory book. Its hard to explain, but the best way to describe it is random. Its a journal that was given to me by my Auntie Kathy before I left. All throughout the pages were little quotes that she had found meaningful to herself. So...it occurred to me one day, that rather than just writing in it, I can fill it with little pieces of memories and inspiration. So far, there are little random papers (bus passes, train tickets, airline tags, movie tickets, concert tickets, etc) all though out it. I also plan on using it to jot down Inspiring stories, lyrics, bible verses, memories, and pretty much anything that I feel has a good place in it. Its a work in progress, but I think one day I will find it really neat :). I hope so anyways.. 
In other news, needless to say that a few things have happened since December..New Years was an absolute gong show and WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!! Thats all I will really say about THAT. Oh gosh... 
Ummmmm January...well we moved host families on the 8th, and it was....interesting. It was REALLY hard to move away from a family that I grew to like so much and I had no idea what it would be like to move into a different home.. But after the drama from the move subsided and I got settled and used to it, its been nothing but great! The family is so awesome :) and where they live is absolutely PRIME. So I’m definitely more than happy here. The 14th of January Maddie headed home. It was an awful day.. I agreed to ride with her in the car to the airport, and it was the weirdest atmosphere I have ever been in. I could almost imagine what its going to be like for me. Needless to say, that goodbye was VERY emotional and all of us Debrecen kids cried pretty good. Its been a month since that Poodle left and she is missed. After that things settled back into a regular routine, (whatever that is) and attended school, prepared 2 different Presentations that needed to be given in Hungarian, (one for my Host Club and one for the Outbound Orientation) attended Hungarian lessons and just hung out with my new family and all of my friends. So far in February we have had the Outbound Orientation where we had to give presentations on our homelands, (that was interesting because I was the only Canadian and one of only two countries who had to do it alone) I played volleyball in my school all night long with some of my best friends, and spent 2 full days sick and in bed watching 17 episodes of Pretty Little Liars because I had nothing better to do... Its been a very eventful and very interesting month-and-a-half. I am currently busy trying to finalize date changes to my flight that is booked to return in 2 weeks and figure out when I will be back in Canada. I was also finally informed of the exact date that my parents will arrive in Europe.. April 12th and counting! And April 25th....Becca!!! Can’t wait for March to role around and time is going to start spinning out of control!! Im so looking forward to Spring rolling around and for the crazy fun to begin! Life here has been at a bit of a stall in that there hasn’t been much to do or really really look forward to in a while. However I just keep reminding myself that things back home are probably even more uneventful and now Im just being spoiled!! So for now, thats all, but I WILL EVENTUALLY write again.. Sziasztok!